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Exclusive Pack Book "30 years, and after ?" + tote bag "Friendship" + signed card


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Marie Crayon
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We celebrate friendship, the most beautiful of love stories!


This pack contains : Marie Crayon's book "30 ans et après ?", the tote-bag "Friendship" illustrated by Marie Crayon as well as a card signed by herself.

Book "30 years and after": 

Anecdotes of everyday life signed by Marie Crayon that address with humor the theme of the thirties!
Between doing like her friends who buy an apartment, those who still believe that a brunch after a big party is a wonderful idea (we are not 20 anymore, damn it!) and those who prefer to stay at home in front of a good cartoon, Marie's heart is swinging!
From her love problems to her inability to cook, it seems that she is suffering from a slight Peter Pan syndrome...
Would you like a dose of humor?

Tote-bag "Friendship" : 

Because friendship is the most important thing we have!

Characteristics :

White tote bag

100% cotton

Format L.36 x H.40 cm

Length of handles: 79cm

Conditions of delivery

Home delivery in France within 2 to 4 days after shipping.

Shipping fees in France : 4,90€.

Sold by tightR

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