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Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto. Volume 70


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Madara can't believe it: Gay, the tough guy, gives him a hard time!
Driven by the blows of Gai, Madara can only salute the excellent performance of his enemy who is pushing him to the limit!
Indeed, with his high-flying taijutsu, Konoha's resplendent jade fauwn turns out to be much more than a tough opponent for the great Uchiha Madara.
The latter no longer considers it as an insect but as a threat that must be removed as soon as possible or it will be permanently out of the game.
But despite Gai's excellent performance, Kakashi was much less confident for the future and noted with bitterness that his companion's strength was considerably reduced as the battle progressed.
The copying ninja is also formal on this point and is perfectly aware that Gai will not be able to keep this infernal rhythm forever....

Meanwhile, Naruto is still unconscious, his body is so cold but his mind already seems far away.
Indeed, the spirit of the young blond ninja went to meet the illustrious sage of the six paths, better known as the Sennin Rikudou.
The latter will reveal to our hero that he is nothing more or less than the reincarnation of his younger son, Asura, while Sasuke is none other than the reincarnation of his eldest son, Indra.
In addition to this crucial information, the sage of the six roads will give Naruto and Sasuke new powers so that they can play on an equal footing with Uchiha Madara.
Back in the world of the living with their new abilities, the two young friends will decide to join forces to counter Madara's misdeeds!

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