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Paris United

PSG : revelations of a revolution Vol. 1


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March 8, 2017. PSG lost 6-1 in Barcelona and was eliminated in the eighth round of the Champions League. Terrible humiliation with a bitter aftertaste and hints of injustice. What no one suspects is that this affront will trigger a real revolution that will shake the world of football. At the PSG, we understood... It's time to redistribute the cards. Sports, economic, media, political and media issues... A new balance of power is emerging in a merciless struggle. The founders of Paris United, a media company that has become a reference on the PSG by announcing the transfers of Neymar and MBappé, rely on an international network of exceptional informants to offer you an exceptional book. Through a lot of investigative work, they reveal previously unknown and amazing information that will allow you to discover what is really going on behind the scenes. This book is a new thunderbolt in the football landscape. What really happened during the Remontada? Why and how did Neymar and Mbappé sign? What is the strategy put in place by the PSG to adapt to financial Fair Play? What are the real elements that have dictated the MTP strategy? How did the PSG change the established order among historic clubs? Who are the men in the shadows who really pull the strings? Why is the PSG at the heart of a media war? How is the GMP a global geopolitical issue? Why is the PSG a special club in the football landscape? Why does the PSG have more difficulty in appropriating its city? Travel to the heart of a merciless universe, without faith or law. 

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