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Quick Facts

Who am I? : Marie Laforêt

The way I cook : Veggie and gourmand

In a few words :

Photographer and culinary writer

I launched my blog 100% Végétal in 2009

My best-seller book Vegan was published in 2014 with over 80.000 sales

Reference author about vegan cooking in France with over 20 books about this topic

Engaged for a more responsible alimentation

Marie Laforêt is a specialist in vegan cuisine.

Since the creation of her 100% Vegetal blog, she has published 20 vegan cookbooks including the bestseller "Vegan", a real encyclopedia of 500 recipes and "Incredible but vegan", the book offering the most impressive vegan recipes published to date.

Committed to a healthy and responsible diet, Marie defends a vegetal and organic cuisine, without compromising on gluttony. For Marie Laforêt, vegan cuisine is not “without” cuisine, but rather “more” cuisine. More ethical, greener, healthier, plant-based cuisine is also a cuisine that brings everyone together around dishes that suit different food specificities. Far from dividing this cuisine allows us to imagine our traditions differently, to compose together, gourmet and ethical meals that make sense with our personal and cultural histories. This kitchen is also the kitchen of the future, the only one that can limit global warming and use fewer resources.

Marie Laforêt is a multi-potential who likes to touch everything. She works as an author and photographer for publishing, the press and companies wishing to offer ethical solutions. She also works as a vegan culinary consultant and supports the creation of recipes and products. Since 2019, Marie has been managing a collection of vegan books "In the kitchen with Marie Laforêt" at Editions Solar. Since 2020 she has also been accompanying food photographers as a coach.