All profits are donated to Rudy’s Kids Foundation
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All profits are donated to the Rudy’s Kids Foundation

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Welcome to my shop!

You often ask me where to find my jersey, my shoes, my training equipment. But also what music I listen to and what I like in general. I created this site to introduce you discover my universe and give us the chance to meet each other through the Meet Up Program. Enjoy!

All benefits are donated to Rudy's Kids Foundation

Rudy vs Youtubers

Cool warm up guys before you play the All Star Game at Rudy's 2019 camp! They each wear a tee of the RG27 collection, designed by Rudy with his codes and passion for the ball. We love sports, basketball, music and fashion!

Together for the kids

Every time you enjoy shopping here, the profits are donated to my foundation. Thank you for your support!

My RG27 Collection

A line of tees inspired by my life and my passion for fashion, art, music.

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The reference brand for fashion and basketball