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Help seriously ill kids make their dream come true

Petits Princes

The Petits Princes Association, created in 1987, realizes the dreams of seriously ill children and adolescents. This solidarity dimension is one of the main objectives of my sports expeditions and challenges.

Association Petits Princes

The « Association Petits Princes » makes the dreams of seriously ill children suffering from cancer, leukemia or certain genetic diseases come true.

By living their passions and making their dreams come true, children find additional energy to fight against their disease.

The « Association Petits Princes » does not limit its interventions to the realization of a single dream. Related to 150 hospitals in France, several dreams can be organized for a same child around his passions, to the rhythm of his treatments and hospitalizations.

Because the disease upsets the whole family universe, parents and siblings live, in most cases, dreams with the child.

Since 1987, 7.900 dreams have been realized. Everyday a child’s dream comes true.

How it works

1. You order on my shop

2. The seller delivers the product

3. 100% of benefits go to Association Petits Princes that allows sick children to achieve their dreams

Let's support the kids together